Some Classic Books on Teneriffe Lace

For inspiration from some traditional patterns look at some of these classic books.

There are many different styles of Teneriffe wheels and various instructions, but the basic patterns all translate from one wheel to another.

DMC Library Teneriffe Lace Work
en français:

Teneriffe Lace Designs and Instructions, 1904

Proctor Teneriffe Lace, 1903

The Home Art Book of Fancy Stitchery, 1912

Thesa Handarbeitsbuch

auf Deutsch:

A more contemporary book that includes a history of the lace, antique and modern patterns and modern instructions.

The Technique of Teneriffe Lace, Alexandra Stillwell, 1980, included in the Arizona archive by permission of the author

Here is an entrance to the contemporary world of Sol laces such as Teneriffe and Nanduti.

Elizabeth Horta Correa, from Brazil, has been researching Sol laces and writes several inspiring blogs and Facebook pages.