Frequently Asked Questions

How long will the wheel last?
You will be able to make several pieces with your wheel, especially if you are careful when putting the pins back in. Our designer can sometimes make up to a dozen pieces on the same wheel before it wears out.

Can I buy a replacement wheel?
Yes, if you have previously purchased a kit, please email Prices vary between 3.50 USD and 7.50 USD plus shipping, depending on the size of the wheel. It is not permissable for a group of friends to buy just one kit and several extra wheels.

I ran out of thread. What can I do?
We're sorry, we try to include a bit extra, but we may have miscalculated. Please email and let us know which thread you need. We will mail some extra thread to you.

I'd like to make more. Do you sell the thread in large quantities?
Not at the moment. For the Lizbeth cordonnet we recommend Handy Hands at For Kreinik metallics see DMC perle cotton is available from many online sources.

Have you made any videos for working the kits?
No, not yet, though it's possible in the future.

May I teach one of the patterns to a class?
Yes, if everyone in the class purchases a kit. Please email to inquire about a group discount.

Is there a kit for the butterfly in the website background?
Not yet, but we hope to offer it soon. The image was scanned from an antique Nanduti collar that we own. We made one of these butterflies several years ago, but haven't had a chance to turn it into a kit yet. If you would like to be notified when this kit is available, please let us know at and we will send you an email when it is ready.

How is shipping calculated?
We will charge you the lowest shipping rate possible based on the weight and number of your items. A few kits will be via First Class; more kits will be a Priority Mail Envelope or Box as needed.