Terms of Service and Privacy Policy

Who we are

Heirloom Arts is the designer of the products.

Diversified Software Products, LLC is the seller and distributer of the products. It may appear on your receipt as DSP or DivSP.

Terms of Service

Copyright: All designs, instructions, diagrams and photographs are copyrighted by Heirloom Arts. You may not copy, resell, share, distribute or publish (online, paper or otherwise) any of these items.

Items Made From Instructions: You personally may make lace from the instructions and supplies and you may share or sell your work in limited quantity (that is no "mass production"). If several people wish to make items from the patterns, each person must purchase an individual kit.

Returns: Complete, unused kits may be returned within 14 days of you receiving them and a full refund, including tax and shipping, will be made. If you return a kit you must pay for the return postage. Partially or fully used kits are not returnable. There is no guarantee that you will be able to use the kit successfully or that you will like the finished product.

Privacy Policy

The personal information we collect when you purchase a product is sent to us by PayPal. We only keep your name, address and email address, and we never share the information with any outside entity. PayPal itself, of course, collects more information about you. Their privacy policy can be viewed here.

To provide support we store any email correspondence between you and Heirloom Arts or Diversified Software Products and a record of which products you purchased.

Information is stored securely on Diversified Software Products' server.